Global Warming : Blame Carbon Dioxide No More.

Scientific researches had found that our earth’s average temperature is gradually increasing. This phenomenon usually called with term “Global Warming “ has been related with carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. Increasing CO2 and other warming pollutants traps more heat from the sun and warm up the atmophere more than the average. Earth average temperature has rised at the fastest rate in the history in 50 years. The industrial revolution in 1940s contributed significantly to the increased in CO2 gas emissions and thus, causing the average temperature of the earth rises.  


     Rise in average earth’s temperature is indeed a massive threat to our lives.  Plenty of signs and effects of Global Warming are currently occurring across the globe. One of the examples, in Alaska the rise of 7o Farenheit in only 50 years has induced melting of permafrost, shrinking glaciers, eroding coasts, disappearing sea ice, and mounting problems for native species such as polar bear. The melting of Arctic ice and warming of sea water will lead to increase in sea water level which will greatly affect low land and near sea areas.  


     Furthermore, sudden temperature hikes already killed thousands of lives. For an example, the heat wave that hit France and across Europe on 2003 .It was one of the most violence heat spikes in history.  Recently on June 2015, sudden temperature hikes also hit India and Pakistan, which greatly causes serious casualties. Another affect of global warming is the increasing frequency of extreme El Nino events. El Nino is the prolonged warming of Pacific Ocean surface temperature and usually occurs at least 3 months long.  


     Global Warming also induced extreme El Nino condition, which greatly contribute to many problems. El Nino oscillations bring warm and less nutrient water to the surface, constrains the local fishing activities.  Warm and wet air conditions lead to severe floods and formation of strong hurricanes just like Hurricane Patricia that thrashed southwest coast of Mexico.  Another example is the deadly Hurricane Katrina on 2005 in United States. Hurricane Katrina has been one of the most intense and costliest disaster ever recorded in United States history.


     Scientists are working towards finding the best solutions on how to slow down global warming rate, as it cannot be stopped completely. Besides scientists, global warming also catches politician attention. While the developing country need to increase their production which will cause increase in carbon emissions, the global governance and advocacy are telling them to reduce carbon emissions. This is a kind of threat to the progress of the developing country, because it is impossible to reduce the carbon emission at the same time increasing the production and development of the country since our conventional source of energy produces carbon dioxide. Developing country not likely to accept policies that will affect their economic growth prospects. The developed country should first reduce carbon emissions since developed countries such as United States are the largest contributor to carbon emission.


   To counter the global warming issues, some countries already took some action by educate their people about it. Some schools in United States and in China already teach their students on environmental understanding. Students are being taught on importance of conserving energy and changing lifestyle to reduce pollution and global warming. Other than that, alternative source energy also got a lot of attention to replace or reduce the usage of fossil fuels such as solar energy, wind energy, bio fuel and hydrogen fuels. These alternative energy source give hope in reducing carbon emission, thus slow down the global warming rate in long term.


    In recent research trends, some scientists even working on finding the cause of global warming other than carbon emissions. Even though globally, carbon emissions had been the main focus as the cause of global warming; scientist found that when they make a plot for a 100 years, the relation of carbon emission and global warming is not accurately match. This is because before rise of carbon emission by the industrial revolution on 1940s, there was already a great increment of earth’s average temperature occurred before.

Furthermore, percentage of carbon dioxide in the air is too small about 0.54% to be the biggest cause of the global warming.

Recent researches had found that there are significant relations between activities on the Sun with global warming.

It is said that occurrence of sunspot on the surface of the sun directly affect the earth climate


It is because it produces solar wind consists of magnetic plasma flares in which alter the activities on the earth atmosphere such as the cloud covers. Thus this theory denies the classical theory that carbon dioxide induces global warming. Instead they found that global warming induces carbon dioxide emissions.

  However, these theories are not fully accepted and until today, a lot of arguments and critiques keep going on between the scientists. But, definitely the theory of sunspot occurrence regulating earth climate and temperature are gaining many attention and influence among the researchers.

    In my opinion, although the data obtained are promising, we cannot deny the affect of pollution by human activities. It is true, that carbon emission cannot be stopped but at least we have to find the best solution to reduce it. Thus, efforts from each individuals, big corporations and world leaders are necessary for this noble course to be successful. We have to bear in mind that every action that we took today will shape the world for our future generations.



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